Apr 13, 2011

成為了Motion-Capture 演員!

上周五到了為公司到了馬來西亞的一所Motion-capture Studio作客地成為演員為期兩日。 記得得起初上司找我的時候我也有一刹猶疑,但經過細想過後(大約三四秒左右)我答應了,因為我覺得也是一個好機會,一方面可以參考一下別的studio的Mo-cap(motion-capture)怎樣,另一方面可以練習一下自己在Action方面的技巧,雖然整整兩日體力可說是嚴重透支了,但也希望下次再有機會吧!

I have been a motion-capture actor for my company at Malaysia last week, I'm quite happy about the trip. on one hand I think that's very good opportunity for me to feel what the actor during the mo-cap, an on the other can practice some of the acting skill (or action).
That few days was really tired, but i hope i can become a actor again.

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