May 15, 2013

Busy at the moment.

Start from today I'm trying to update my blog frequently. :)

I by the way I just moved in to my new house, so many thing hinder me on my work, I don't even can work on braking dog project however I can finally turn on my computer and catch up of what I need to do now. First of all, I'm planning to finish a shot of braking dog project, and I will share what I do every week about the effect I done. 

Nov 17, 2012

Action animation tutorial on December

This month have many thing happened, is a very busy month. Regarding the plan of animation tutorial, I have decided to make a Action Animation Tutorial, The idea come from the training I have assigned to my colleague. The objective of the training is about reference usage, most of the people miss understanding how to use reference. So this time i will do the live record  to share with you how I use reference. :)

Oct 29, 2012

Finally Tear of Steel DVD reached

The Blender open source movie- project mango “Tear of Steel”. the DVD set inclusive all the footage and tutorial there. i will check out the tutorial first and try to apply to my short film. If you interested about this project, visit their Official website. also if you want to purchase the DVD , could visit their E-Shop


Oct 28, 2012

Facial animation workflow ON AIR now

Just submitted the facial animation Video to my Channel.
Hope you will like it and share with your friend, by the way if you have any question dont hesitate to leave me a comment here or send me by Email

Oct 25, 2012

New project idea breakdown

Currently doing some research for the new project, preparing a mood video. and writing down the breakdown of story.