Apr 18, 2009

Rec Club@ ubisoft

so happy for BBQ yesterday, this is my first party in Ubisoft, can improve me english and meet more people, there is crazy last night. and by the way all my brain is Street Fighter 4 now, even chatting with anyone all is street fighter :D

The day before BBQ we have life drawing class, and my oppenont in Sf4 Audran he give me a pancil for sketch and tell me some tips for how to practice myself! Really in deep to said thankyou to him!

for my own project i start working for the model, hope can finish before June!

At work, animation part is almost done, that's a good news for me, and we will going the next project, hahah! i'm looking forward, that so be fun and Challenging work!
and i have tried the animation method ,it's work and in motionbuilder fullbody IK is really good now, and i have used to it, just the animation curve is annoying, keep study on it!

Work hard Cheer!


  1. I'm a big street fighter fan myself. Used to play it a lot with mates at my last work place (sf vs xmen especially).

    Can't believe I still haven't played 4th one :-(

    Well, 1v1 beat'em'up games are less fun if played vs NPC's or even on internet rather than having someone near you to play with.

  2. ha! waiting for the Super Street Fighter 4, is comming out this year man!